Areas of Practice / IP - Right Categories

Patents of invention and supplementary protection certificates are being issued by the Swiss IPO on technical inventions which at the date of filing have been novel and inventive all over the world.

However, Swiss patent applications are not being examined for novelty and inventive step but solely for formal issues. Swiss granted patents cover the territories of both Switzerland and Liechtenstein regardless of whether the Swiss patent has been applied for via the national route, the regional European route or via the PCT route, due to an agreement concluded in 1978.

Since 2008 granted European patents designating Switzerland/Liechtenstein are automatically valid in these territories irrespective of the language of grant. Accordingly, validation of the granted EP in either Switzerland or Liechtenstein is not necessary. It is, however, recommended to appoint a local representative as an address for service. We offer such a service at a very competitive rate.

The Liechtenstein and Swiss trademark laws protect individual marks like word marks, device marks, combined word & device marks, form marks (3-dimensional marks), acoustic marks, etc., as well as certification marks and collective marks.

A basic Liechtenstein or Swiss trademark application includes 3 classes of goods and services. Registered Liechtenstein or Swiss trade marks remain valid for a period of ten years provided they are properly used (see also the "PECULIARITIES" section). Subsequent renewals of 10 years terms are available.

A new trademark application must not be confusingly similar with an existing registered trade mark of another for the same or similar goods. Neglecting this issue may readily result in harsh consequences.

It is therefore highly recommended to conduct a trade mark search prior to filing a new trademark application. We offer full availability searches at very competitve rates.

Designs or design patents, respectively, are purely non-technical IP rights and serve the purpose of providing protection for a novel, visible outer appearance or shape of a product which must not be solely determined or caused by its technical function.

In Switzerland and Liechtenstein, a design patent is granted for a period of 5 years, extensions being possible up to a total of 25 years. Design patent applications are rather inexpensive, hence a low cost investment.

In addition, collective design applications are available thus offering the possibility of claiming protection for quite a number of design variations within one and the same design patent application.

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