Our clients typically originate from R&D departments of small and medium-sized enterprises, and from universities. However, we are also frequently being contacted by colleagues from foreign jurisdictions including overseas, middle east and far east (patent) law firms representing clients who are desirous of filing Swiss or Liechtenstein trademarks and/or designs or who need assistance in local trademark searches, or who need support in Swiss or European patent filings. Some of them just need a local representative as an address for service and communication, especially in connection with granted European patents designating Switzerland and Liechtenstein. All of them, however, expect quick, competent and reliable professional service, advice and representation, and it is our pleasure to deliver.

We offer the following professional services:
• General consulting in all fields of intellectual and industrial property in Liechtenstein and Switzerland;
• Conducting patent, trademark and design searches in local and foreign/international registers;
Drafting and filing patent, utility patent, trademark and design applications;

Handling the administrative procedures before the patent and trademark offices in this country and abroad including:
• Examination and granting procedures
• Opposition procedures
• Appeal procedures
• Administration, monitoring and payment of maintenance fees (annuities)
• Monitoring IP rights of third parties

Enforcement of IP rights against third parties:
• Infringement suits
• Invalidation suits
• Cancellation suits