Our small but highly committed team has gathered considerable professional experience and skills over the past 15 years. Personal practical experience from several years of research and development in the pharmaceutical industry contributes to our understanding of decision making processes in industry and helps us in proactively advising our clients in patent, trademark and design matters.

Burkhard Bogensberger
PhD, MSc chem.
European Patent Attorney
European Trademark Attorney
Liechtenstein Patent & Trademark Attorney

Consultancy and representation in all fields of intellectual property (Patents, Trademarks, Designs, Licences)

EPI (Biotech-Commission)
LIPAV (Liecht. Patent Attorneys Assoc., Board)

German, English, French

1976 - 1982
 Studies of industrial chemistry and microbiology at the Technical University of Graz (Austria), focus on biochemistry & biotechnology.
Diploma thesis on the manufacture of poly-beta-hydroxybutyric acid (PHB) by high density bacterial cell culture, for use as a biodegradable polymer in the fields of medicine and food technology.
1982-1985  Doctoral thesis focussing on process optimization in the pilot plant scale for the conversion of organic wastes (e.g. molasses) into PHB. Supplementary electron microscopy studies for visualization and elucidation of the underlying metabolic processes.
1979 - 1980  Supplemental studies of medical biology, eukaryotic genetics, and practical anatomical dissection at the medical faculty of Karl-Franzens-University, Graz.
1986 - 1990  Group leader of fermentation lab and co-leader of pilot scale fermentation plant at the R&D department of Biochemie Kundl (Sandoz Pharma Division; Austria).
1990 - 1993  Head of department of environmental technology at a Liechtenstein company.
1994 - 2003  Joining domestic patent law firm in Liechtenstein.;
2002 Qualification as a European Patent Attorney.
2004 Qualification as a Liechtenstein Patent and Trademark Attorney and founding BOGENSBERGER Patent- & Markenburo.